Ever Recycling Inc. can provide fast and efficient retrieval and removal services for scrap metal and waste disposal. We also can provide machines that will make the jobs easier such as excavators, skid steer loaders and forklifts. We can offer pick up services for small businesses and homes with our friendly and courteous staff.

At Ever Recycling Inc., we have our own demolition team to do all kinds of demolition works from commercial buildings to residential projects. We also work closely with a few demolition companies for bigger jobs and joint ventures. Our goal is to recycle as much as possible with our recycling programs so that 100% of the materials can be reused and waste will be disposed of properly. We also provide recycling services for all types of plastics such as PVC, Plexi Glass, etc as long as the plastic is free of oils and other chemicals. All this material is sorted through and bailed before it gets shipped out. We do not accept televisions, computer monitors and compressed gas cylinders.

Once the materials have been processed, sorted and bailed, it gets exported out to other foreign countries such as Taiwan, China, Vietnam and Thailand using overseas containers. We can provide a brokerage service to help prepare export documents if necessary.

For further information on buying and selling scrap materials, please do not hesitate to call us.